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Instantly scale
& operations.

AI that eliminates manual workflows, enabling businesses to serve more customers faster.

No more manual workflows.

Analysis and judgment can now be fully automated with autonomous AI agents.
icon kyb agent

KYB Agent

Automates Know Your Business compliance procedures by verifying business registration, website content, and business ownership against trusted sources like MidDesk.
Icon sar filing agent

SAR Filing Agent

Automates Suspicious Activity Report filing process by analyzing evidence from transaction monitoring system and customer communications to write FinCen formatted narrative.
icon card issuing agent

Card Issuing Agent

Automates process of determining if a customer’s usecase is compliance with credit card network’s rules and regulations.
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"We're excited to partner with Parcha to not only unlock the massive improvements that AI brings to the customer experience, but also to our operational efficiency."

– Michael Tannenbaum, COO & CFO of Brex

Why Parcha is different.

Parcha’s AI Agents automate manual workflows using your existing policies, procedures, and tools — instantly.

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Agent UI backgroundagent ui frontfile icon
Agent UI backgroundagent ui frontfile icon

Experts out of the box

AI Agents come loaded with domain-specific compliance knowledge and expertise.

Instantly Customizable

Upload your compliance documents to teach AI Agents your existing procedures.

On demand scaling

Easily create, clone, deploy or hibernate AI Agents to meet business needs and volume increases.

Completely Autonomous

Run AI Agents as copilots in the browser, in Slack, or as autonomous agents deployed via API.

Integrates with existing tools

Our platform will work with the tools and vendors your human teams are already using.

Auditable decision making

Every thought, decision, and recommendation can be audited, analyzed, and improved.

procedure headertask 1task 2task 3task 4task 5task 6
header tasktask 1task 2task 3task 4task 5task 6

Built for enterprise customers.

The platform and language models that power our AI Agents are enterprise-ready from day one.

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Keep your sensitive customer data safe, protected, and within your VPC.

acces icon

Access Management

SSO and granular access controls per AI Agent to mirror your organization.

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Deployable in your VPC or on a dedicated private instance.

We have been doing this for a while...

Our team has built AI-powered products at hyper-growth and enterprise companies.

Scale your compliance
& operations teams today.

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